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Exhibitions & Festivals



Master's Degree in Communications and Semiotics - PUC - São Paulo. Advisor: Dr. Giselle Beiguelman.

Special student in Image-ECA/USP-Dra. Silvia Regina Laurentiz


Post-graduate work in Art and Technology - São Paulo College of Fine Arts - Working the digital medium and researching exploring electronic media in art education. Research carried out under the orientation of Dr. Silvia Laurentiz

Department of Communications and Semiotics - PUC/ SP - Sit-in student in Complex Systems with Dr. Rogério Costa.


Special student in Creative Process and Methodology-ECA/USP-Dr. Julio Plaza.


Full Teaching Certificate in Plastic Arts - Santa Marcelina College of Fine Arts, São Paulo

Relevant courses:

2003- Art Media II- Contemporary Art Museum- São Paulo

2003- Free Course on USP- "About Image"- Silvia Laurentiz

2001- Seminar and Speeches on the Directions Taken by Interactive Media - Centro Cultural Itaú - July 2001.

2001- Gravure - History, Technique and Language Seminar at Itaú Cultural - February 2001

2001- Seminar: Academic Studies on Fashion: Proposals and Debates of the Interdisciplinary Fashion Study Nucleus (NIDEM - FAPESP/ UNIP) - February 2001

2001- "Contemporaneous Body: Space, Image and Representation" with Bernadette Lyra, Christine Mello, Helena Katz and Kátia Canton - Sesc São Paulo - March 8 2001.

2000 -Artistic Experimentations on the Web Regarding the Directions Taken by Literature Program at Itaú Cultural with Dr. Gilbertto Prado - September 2000.

2000- International Seminar on Educative Action in Cultural Institutions - Goals and Methods of Educative Action in Cultural Spaces dedicated to Visual Arts, at Itaú Cultural, with the cooperation of the Louvre Museum Cultural Service and the coordination of Jean Galard - November 2000.

2000- Art and Technology Course: From Kinesthetics to Cyberart at the Nora Roesler Gallery with professors: Dr. Julio Plaza, Dr. Diana Domingues, Dr. Frederico Morais, Dr. Gilbertto Prado and Plastic Artist Abraham Palatinik - May 2000

2000- Edgar Morrin Speech -

2000- Speech by Jean Baudrillar 1999 Participation in the 10th National Gathering of the ANPAP (Associação dos Pesquisadores em Artes Plásticas, or, Plastic Arts Researcher's Association) - November 10 to 12, 1999

1993- Free Course on Museology - College of Archaeology and History - USP

1975- School of Arts Brasil - São Paulo

1987- Interior Architecture Course - IADE - São Paulo

1966 Pedagogical Design Course Pia São Vicente de Paula School.

2004 - MACHINISTA International media art festival
Glasgow May 7-9 May 2004.

2004 - ICECA-Thailand New Media Art Festival -
20th-28th March 2004 Bangkok, Thailand

2003 - 3T1H (Três teses e Uma hipótese)
Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Oct./ Nov

2003 - FILE
Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Aug.

2003 -6th International Conference on Generative Art
Politecnico di Milano University, Milan, Italy 10-13 December

2003 - Machinista 2003-
Pern,Russia April 2003

-Cuba-Habana- from june 17 to 21

2003 -ICECA Initiative for Cultural Exchange and Computer Arts
Chiangmai-First New Media Art Festival-Thailand -24 marc

2002 - Interactive Digital Poem for Web-, III Intersigno Exhibition,on line,
Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo

2002 - HEXA Project - Phase 15
The 2nd International Media Art Biennale : Media_City Seoul

2002 - HEXA Project - Phase 10
The 2nd International Media Art Biennale : Media_City Seoul

2002 - Soundtoys

2002 - FILE
São Paulo, SP. August 8th - 15th

2002 - EVA GIFU-

2002 - Generative

2001 - Interactive Digital Poem for Web , II Intersigno Exhibition,
John Calvin Cultural Hall, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo

2002 - FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagens Eletrônicas)
Museu da Imagem e do Som- -MIS, São Paulo

2001 - Interactive Digital Poem for Web II Intersigno Exhibition,
John Calvin Cultural Hall, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo